Crayon Pulp

by Lindsay Noelle Waller

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released April 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Lindsay Noelle Waller Providence, Rhode Island

Hailing from Rhode Island but you can find me anywhere these days

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Track Name: Dirty Bathroom Stall
When am I gonna start taking myself seriously
I've been gifted with this one life and I've been wasting it hilariously
I wake up on cloudy mornings
wondering why on earth I'm here
I should be on some other planet
where wondering the forest is a top notch career

Don't wanna work at Mcdonalds
Don't wanna work at the grocery store
Don't wanna sell people cable
dont wanna waste time knocking on their doors

Sometimes I feel that I've just got no luck at all
but the bad times will fade and the good will replace them doll
but the sad part about that is I just read it in a dirty bathroom stall

When all my friends are getting married I'll probably still be all alone
wondering how i got in this strange time zone
When did I turn 30, how come I never made it home?
Am I doomed to forever feel like I'm one bill away from paying off that loan
Track Name: I like free samples
When I open my eyes, everything looks the same
and my body feels strange, but my head feels stranger
but thats ok it remains you were just a stranger
and I'd do anything to go back to the day I said goodbye
go back to the day I said oh wait maybe this won't work out with this guy
But then I saw his eyes in java joes
and my friends were like aw yeah he's cute if he was older though
and I was like whatever man, 2 years aint bad, plus I like the way he wears that hat
what a start that was for me what a start that was

one night he played guitar on my lap
introducing himself as johnny cash
and I was like aw man thats so cute I think I just fell in love with you
But i was just blind
just makin up shit in my head like always


When things aren't going right
I still wanna call you and tell you to come over
and I want you to be like alright
I'll be there in under an hour
so I'd say see you soon
I'll be waiting for you in my little cocoon
and when you get here I'll be so overjoyed
I'll hug you with my butterfly wings

And I'll do my best
to replace this feeling that I lost in my chest
yeah i'll do my best
but I don't know how long it takes

Your fingers have been all up and down this guitar
and your hands have been all over this body
(whether you like it or not)

And I wonder if I showered enough
could that feeling be washed off?
could that sorrow be crossed off the list of feelings that I've felt

Your blue wide eyes have faded into mine
and every morning when I wake I see them in the sky line

This was just a taste
hey man, I like free samples
little shots of snapple, love me some sour apple

you were my juice, but I am the fruit

and maybe he'll have stories like she was a dumb bitch
but one day he'll look back and see that he was just a little kid and I was just a little kid
it's called growing up,
theres really nothing to it babe
theres really nothing to it
nothin left to do but do it
Track Name: Wasted Planet
For christmas I received
baggage I didn't need
men like you will always breed
cause another generation of fucked up women is the futures seed

he's a father without a daughter
he's a wish without a well
he's sweltering in the depths of hell within himself
crossing bridges he can't help but burn
tries hard but will never learn
he's a waste of life on this wasted planet

maybe I'm not seeing right
but I think my visions fine
maybe my dad was right
I was born without a fucking mind

Im a sister without a brother
a body without skin
Im terrible and Im glad to know it
crossing bridges I can't help but burn
tries hard but will never learn
Im a waste of life of this wasted planet
Track Name: Rocket to the Moon
We're on a rocket to the moon
I hope to see you soon
there's no oxygen up there
might be dead by noon

hurry hurry I can't wait
anymore, this is your bait
if someone doesn't realize
I'm happy for you is a lie
I'll just die

I'm the shadow on your wall
before you fall asleep
I'm the sole of your shoe
a thin, blister

Don't get so worked up please
you're quickly spreading your disease
never mind the hello
your ship could crash, i wouldn't know
you'd just die

Don't you miss me any second, minute, hour, day at all?
tell me I'm not invisible while clearly blending with the wall

Be kind
Be the the one that I think of
The one that I dream of
the one that I'm sure of
The one that I love

Keep in mind
the earth is unstable
sees the moon when she's able
sees the moon when she's able
Track Name: Saturation
Deaf ears listen to the news on TV
with skin that can't feel, with eyes that can't see
What the billboards are selling, or the debt that they bring
but we're in America let false happiness ring

Consumer Nation
Occupied, By the ads we see and the things we buy

Corporate logos have been shaved on heads
as assembly lines become more widespread
constantly buying, then throwing away
to spend spend spend is the American way

Mass production, keep spraying those peas
toss away paychecks for $3 coffees
although the critics are screaming, they're fading beneath
the industrial smoke, the air that we breath

Consumer Nation
Occupied, By the ads we see and the things we buy
Track Name: Many Hands
Well a time and a place is all it really takes for love to evolve
for a problem to be solved
like crusin on a bike or fighting for your rights or pulling up some weeds
sleep a sweet dream

Every bit of my body is aching for some trees
or some laughing or some cookies or bread and good cheese
immune to pollution distraction and disease
I wanna say no but I say yes please

we're clawing at the earth
getting energy from light
lay at home on the ground
sleep there all night

what I miss more than all is not missing anything
like wifi and friends complaining
stop expecting me to care about things you say you'll change
you're younger than you think
re-evaluate your age

goodbyes are pretty sad things'll never be the same
but the earth and I united maybe we too can remain
friends or something, more than just old times
I wanna say some more but I'm running out of rhymes
Track Name: Sour Lips
I could feel it
I can tell from the air and the rain
unless maybe I'm just a girl
wracking her brains

running herself, boneless
spineless, and dead
but with a quick salt bath of melted roses
nothing but smiles lie ahead

I dream in apathy
but my veins still connect
maybe I need some casual rest

A nap in the morning leaves me with a warning
One smile per second but sadness has beckoned
A nap in the evening, that leaves me beaming
One smile per hour, my lips have gone sour

I could reach it
I can tell from the dust on my hands
but now its just reminiscent powder from the blankets of another land

I wake in the dreams of another
that's why my heart won't defrost
a moment of silence for the moments I've lost

A nap in the morning leaves me with a warning
One smile per second but sadness has beckoned
A nap in the evening, that leaves me beaming
One smile per hour, my lips have gone sour
Track Name: A Hill That Felt Like A Slide
I miss the clarity
I even miss the fake happy
This is harder than I thought it'd be
What did I expect?

A hill that felt like a slide?
A sky, high and wide?
Well it felt like Mt. Everest

I am the purity
the filter of my ecstasy
Can you sense the apathy?
emotion just rejects

One day I was on my own
in the valley of my back bone
rain brought about a flood
and swept me away from the cementing mud

These meditations will set me free
free from the field of reality
playing games with vitality
But I still just wanna die
Track Name: Footprint Dents
The script that we bought was ripped apart from the start
but I don't mind I always seem to find the main plot

Cause everyday is quite the show
when everybody that you know is changing
that was a nice run through
but I would never pay to wait in line

The road that we walked had more potholes than we thought
I tried to get a taxi but the strolls we take relax me so why not

All the cement has footprint dents
pacing back and forth made the atoms bend
decisions, delusions have caught my tongue
has the world forgot that I'm still young?

The documentary we filmed
had more actors than free-willed
I tried to save a penny
then the banks rules got all bendy

Not much thats left to do or say but let the waves swell away
the awkward pauses, the shady eye but I'll be first to say goodbye

bye, goodbye.
Track Name: Simple
We're not happy, anymore
Rather be lonely than see your face at the door
Leave now, don't make a sound
see you, in a christmas or two

is this dreaming?
What an unfamiliar feeling
Vaguely remember doing this before
I'm alone now
we're alone now

Abstract the simple
undo the the disarray
answer this question
why does being free feel so strange and disarming?

I'm alone now
was I ever anything else?

we were happy
Track Name: The Forgotten Language
My empty hands hold nothing but the air I guess that's something
Lower my voice so no one can hear my talking
While running away my empty body starts to sway
It's the drugs its the drugs, that's what the commercials say

Born a problem I'll die one too
care less, no stress, don't change me I won't change you
friendship bracelets suck, relationships are fake
everyone is selfish, no such thing as a clean slate

I don't mean to be so blunt
but they say you are what you smoke
hear that dad? I think fathers day is a joke
The words are the mess, the ego, and the spillage
and humble is the forgotten language

Floating alone in a big lake
and I don't belong in heaven but I guess that's a risk I gotta take

My empty hands hold nothing, no fingers, no money
my hands pick up a lighter, melt every fleshy bit to honey
to touch more, but myself feel less
is the perfume and makeup I put on when I dress

My bitter mouth, shouts this goodbye
Can you people let me enjoy myself at least let me try?
Happiness is high tide and always swept away
if it feels the urge to leave then why should it stay?
Track Name: Cracked Eggs
I am cracked eggs
with a weight on top
and when the weight comes off I'm just gonna be yellow yolk

My hearts awake
my eyes dilate
but I still can't feel anything at all

Sad lies in the green grass
bordering that dead patch
too unused for sighs
too sweet for smiles
sad goes on for miles and miles

These crooked teeth
are as yellow as me
but when the yellow gets bleached the vibrant stains become peach

The air is black
I feel fat
Love is a dead as my confidence

Sad lies in the green grass
bordering that dead patch
too unused for sighs
too sweet for smiles
sad goes on for miles and miles
Track Name: Roots
Moved upstream
I was gone again
Moved downstream
all the ink bled

The tide came slowly
but it was already too late
I was drowning
in another river bed

The rapids were white
paler than me
who can blame those who didn't see
that I was already dead

So I moved to land
this time I was tree
the roots weren't rotten
but not as strong as they should be

The whisper spoke softly
but it was already too late
my branches were snapping
and my bark was on the street

The wind was clear
it always will be
who could blame those who didn't see
that I was already dead

So I went home
wherever that may be
it still changes occasionally
but there it can be said
that I'm not dead
at least not yet